Security Management

QUINTECH provides professional security management consulting that strengthens management’s ability to implement solutions for effective facility management, protection of assets and assuring the safety of personnel. In delivering Security Management services, QUINTECH performs the following major planning elements.

Security Program Planning

QUINTECH works with Clients to enhance an existing Security Program or in the development of a new one. A viable Security Program consists of appropriate electronic systems, physical security, manpower, policies and procedures that fit seamlessly together to provide optimum security measures in the protection of assets, property and people. QUINTECH assists clients in Security Program Planning by providing one or more of the following services, depending upon the Client’s needs:

  • Security Program Surveys and Audits
  • Policy and Procedure Review & Development
  • Security System Evaluation
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Planning
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Integrated Security Systems Design and Specification
  • Continuity Of Operations Planning

Security Master Planning

In order to aid clients in executing a successful security strategy, QUINTECH produces a Security Master Plan which consists of recommendations to improve, enhance and optimize a Client’s security posture. The ultimate goal of developing a Security Master Plan is multifaceted. As such, the plan:

  • Seeks to ensure that all facilities are adequately protected and appropriate security policies and procedures are in place;
  • Provides short and long-range projections of projects, policies, and procedures required to meet the Client’s anticipated security needs;
  • Provides recommendations and alternative approaches for eliminating or at least minimizing security threats and areas of vulnerabilities;
  • Provides Cost Benefits Analysis for implementing security and safety measures; and
  • Outlines a multi-year, multi-project strategic implementation plan based the Client’s projected operating budget.

A few benefits of having a Security Master Plan are:

  • Assurance that all facets of a security/safety program are properly addressed
  • Specification on types of equipment that will meet present and future needs
  • A tool for requesting and justifying security funding

Emergency Response Planning

The appropriate response to any emergency begins and ends with communication. Response planning is critical to ensure that the protocols for communication have been established and that the correct procedures are followed in the event of an emergency. To assist our clients with emergency response planning, QUINTECH provides the following services:

  • Response Plan Development
  • Communication Systems Analysis
  • Mass Notification System Design
  • Development of Exercise Scenarios
  • Conducting Red Team Exercises
  • After Action Analysis

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