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Baptist Hill High School & St. Johns High School Football Scoreboard Installation   Carolina Park Elementary Basketball Court   West Ashley High School Track & Field Improvements   West Ashley High School Batting Cage   West Ashley High School Pressbox Renovation

Charleston County School District . SC Track and Field Improvements for West Ashley High School. Demolition, Tree Removal/Site Clearing New Subgrade Installation & Turf Irrigation Relocation Asphalt & Concrete Paving Relocation of Triple Jump, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Discus, Shot Put and High Jump New Plexitrac Rubber Surface for Triple Jump, Long Jump, Pole Vault, […]

Summerville . SC Repair, Prep & Paint Exterior at New Breast Center: Exterior Painting, all surfaces: Brick, Wood (including trim & shutters), & Metal Doors Exterior Wood Repair Gutters, clean & repair Pressure Washing Custom Built Sapele Wood Columns Parking Lot Cleaning and Sealcoat Parking Lot Restriping GABC Distribution for Portion of Parking Lot

Dorchester County. Summerville, SC Painting and repainting of parking lot. Yellow Painting of All Curbs Near Sidewalk up to the Roadway Transitions Repainting of Handicap Parking Lot Symbols (8) Parking Spaces Painted for Overflow Parking Lot (12)